Venti Book Lair grew out of a perceived need–a way to share about books that are more Young Adult in style, but for people who are both tired of reading about teenagers and don’t want to navigate the graphic content typical of New Adult books.

Therefore, the purpose of Venti Book Lair (VBL) is to help connect readers and authors of New Adult Science-fiction and Fantasy with a content rating of high PG-13 or less.

The goal is not to police content, but to provide a place for those who are looking for NA books without R or especially X-rated content. Books included on VBL are aimed at adults and therefore are not necessarily “clean” or family friendly. If you are interested in books with stronger content, or in books that are completely clean or family friendly, VBL might not be for you. (If you are looking for clean fantasy, you may want to check out Readers are encouraged to research books on VBL further if you have content concerns.

Note that VBL is not responsible for any false information submitted by authors, publishers, or readers. Also note that the inclusion of a book, author, or publisher on does not constitute an endorsement of or agreement with that book, author, or publisher by VBL or its organizers or affiliates. For more information, see our terms and conditions.

VBL Book Content Guidelines

Here are the official, detailed guidelines for inclusion that authors or publishers must agree to before submitting their book(s) for inclusion:

I. Published. Book(s) must be published and available on at least one major online retailer OR available for pre-order from a major retailer. Trad, small press, or self-published accepted. Single short stories, novellas, and novels accepted. MULTI-AUTHOR ANTHOLOGIES NOT ACCEPTED.

II. Titles must be New Adult (NA). For Venti Book Lair, this means it must fit the following points:
1) The protagonist is 19 to 30 years old (18 acceptable if other req’s are met).
2) The target audience is 18-30, but especially 20-25.
3) Considers themes or topics such as (but not limited to) relationships, identity, life changes, social issues, etc., from the perspective of an adult, NOT a teenager.
4) Has more of a YA pace/tone/approach, but is written for adults.
5) Doesn’t fit in neatly in the Adult or YA section.
Basically, if it would be YA except the characters are too old and mature…that’s a good indication.

III. Must be Science Fiction or Fantasy, any sub-genre (except erotica, see point IV).

IV. Must not contain explicit sexual content or pervasive strong language. For a book to qualify, it must meet these criteria:
1) Absolutely NO erotica.
2) NO descriptions of sex or graphic nudity. (Acceptable: sensuality, kissing, fade-to-black or implied off-screen sex, and incidental, non-descriptive mentions of nudity.)
3) No gratuitous, graphic descriptions of bodily violence (ie, blood or torture is acceptable; sexual torture, descriptions of entrails, scenes from Deadpool, etc., are not).
4) Cursing must be PG-13 level or less. Books may have one f-bomb, but it MUST be noted on the book’s listing so readers know.
Important Note: Heavy/mature themes, such as abuse, assault, mental health, trafficking, etc., are acceptable, so long as the above non-graphic description requirement is meet. Authors are not required to disclose if their books contain such themes.