Mistaken Strength

A World of Reyth story

This novella is one of several short stories intended to introduce the world of Reyth.

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About the Book

A young woman, prisoner of war in a world of magic, reminisces about her Graduation Day in an attempt to impress her captors that she is strong. Her captors puzzle her by the fact that although they seem weak, they won the recent war against her people. Strangest of all, they insist on forgiving her for her part in recent events. She struggles to understand why her people’s strength was defeated by weakness.

The Guardians of Reyth, her enemies, allow love, friendship, and grief, to affect their lives. They commit to one partner, marry, and raise their own children. They will sacrifice themselves for strangers. Strangest of all, her captors insist on forgiving her for her part in the recent war.

She does not understand them at all and so she tells her tale to the head of their Congregation of Light, in an attempt to persuade him that her people are strong and will eventually win the long war.

Instead, as she relates her school time memory, she finally comes to understand why her enemy’s apparent weakness is really true strength, and why her people’s strength is weakness.

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Series: Guardians of Reyth, Book 0
Genres: Epic Fantasy, Fantasy
Tag: Short Story
ISBN: 9780244001087
List Price: 5.22
eBook Price: 1.96
About the Author
Joan Lightning

I'm a British fifty-something Christian, archaeologist, martial arts practitioner (Kung fu and Taiji), long-distance runner (2 marathons and 6 half-marathons so far. 2 more halfs planned for 2018), and amateur photographer. I also knit, crochet, naalbind, and spin.

I was introduced to science fiction and fantasy at a very young age by my best friend's dad, who had boxes and boxes of science fiction books dating to the 50s, 60s, and 70s.
In those boxes I met Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, Anne McCaffrey, Zenna Henderson, and many more, and I learned to love the smell of a printed volume.

I started telling short stories to my nephews when they were children and one day joined an online writing group where I accepted a challenge to write a short story about a young sorceress from a land of sorcerers. The Guardians of Reyth serial grew out of that story. Four and a half years later I finished the first draft which is c1,225,000 words long.
Since then I've been editing it, chopping it into smaller pieces, and writing a few new stories in the same world.
Watch this space because there is still a lot of the story to come.


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