I read a book included on the VBL site and it didn't meet the guidelines. How can I report it?
Please Email admin[at]ventibooklair[dot]com or use our Contact form with Subject: Title Violating Guidelines and please tell us:
1) The title and author (it would be helpful if you include the VBL link).
2) Explain what content/in what specific way(s) it violated the VBL guidelines
Note that VBL investigates every complaint, but may decide that the book is still within our guidelines.

What if my book or author page has incorrect/incomplete info or I have a higher quality cover or author image photo I would like you to use?
Please use our Contact form or email the correct information or preferred images to admin[at]ventibooklair[dot]com with Subject: Title Correction or Author Info Correction. Be sure to give the title and author name. It would be helpful if you could include the VBL link. Note that as VBL is run by a volunteer, it may take a couple weeks to be updated.

How do I submit a book to be included?
Click here and fill out this form. If you have several books to submit that are NOT in a series, please use our Contact form or email admin[at]ventibooklair.com with Subject: Title Submission and include:
1) “I certify that I have reviewed the Venti Book Lair guidelines and these titles qualify, and I acknowledge that if a title is found to violate a guideline, it will be removed from the VBL site.”
2) Every title, its author, its genre, and a link to where it can be purchased (Amazon preferred).
2) Optional: The author’s and publisher’s website(s).

When is the next virtual fair? What is the cost?
The next VBL virtual fair has not yet been planned. We are hoping for spring or early summer. The cost will be increasing slightly to $8 per booth, and the cost of having your booth built for you will be increasing to $15 (but will also include a little more personalization). The increase is due to the time needed for booth building as well as extra things, such as social media posts, year-round site maintenance, and planning to do more during the next fair, such as live streams with participating authors. You can request to be emailed once dates have been set here.

Will bookish shops be able to participate in the next fair?
We are considering this, but have not yet decided. Their merch would need to meet our guidelines, which would mean it can’t heavily feature strong cussing or have erotic content. You can request to be emailed once dates have been set here.

Have a question not covered here? Contact us.